To the islands.

Compared to the mild temperatures and overcast skies of the last two days, today is absolutely blazing hot. We haven’t really done much today except buy some boat tickets and stroll around basking in the sun. At the moment I am sitting on the ferry to Vis, a small island off the coast, waiting for the boat to leave harbour.

So, let me recap some of the things we did yesterday that I didn’t have time to wrote about in my previous post. The bus from Zagreb took about five hours including a short lunch break and brought us  from the green hills of the inland, through the mountains down to the rocky coast of the Adriatic. We spent the day in Croatias second biggest city, Split.

Like I mentioned before, the main attraction in Split is Diocletians palace, an old Roman summer residence from the end of the 2:nd century AD. It is a surprisingly big complex laid out in a square some 250 meters along the sides. The outer walls still stand and the city has grown up both within the walls and without, intersecting with old Roman pillars and arches without so much as blinking. It is a wonderful mix of tiny cobbeld streets, ancient stone walls and modern shops and cafes.

Except for Roman ruins, the only other thing Split has to offer is beaches and, for people into hiking, mountains. With that in mind, we decided to leave for the off shore islands to find beaches there rather than in Split.

More to come when we reach Vis.


Our trip so far.

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