Vis town and bay

After a pleasent ferry trip across azure waters past lush islands we arrived on Vis in the small town with the same name.


View from the ferry.

We walked around randomly for a while until a man who did not speak English offered us a room. I admit I was suspicious at first but it turned out to be alright. Dumping our things we headed down to a nearby slipway into the water so I could finally go for a swim. It felt wonderful.


Having a swim

With evening approaching we did a bit of info checking then took a short walk around the nearby peninsula before heading back for dinner.


Yini on the walkway on the peninsula edge



View of the bay

Dinner took a long time to arrive but was worth the wait as it was really tasty. After dinner we took a short evening walk to let the food sink in and enjoy the evening view.




Finally I left Yini at the hotel and went to find an internet connection. All that remains now that this update to complete is to wait for the grand plans of tomorrow.

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