Rain and museums

Since it was overcast and raining  this morning, the weather was perfect for a couple of museums. It turns out that Warsaws museums, or at least the ones we visited, were mostly hum drum. The museum of the Warsaw rising however, was great. A good collection of photos, old weapons and so on, documenting the warsawians attempt to cast out the Nazis in a very moving way. Although a bit off the main tourist rout (we got slightly lost on the tram network) it’s definitely worth the visit.

That’s pretty much it for the day as far as tourism is concerned, we simply went to get train tickets for tomorrow then headed back downtown for dinner.


The palace of culture looks much less imposing like this.

I would like to add one more event however, on the way to the train station, as we were about to enter an underpass under the road, there was a loud bang and as I looked too the left, I saw a grey van roll over and end up on it’s side.  As no one else was moving forward I walked over to see if I could help. The woman inside seemed to be fine but unable to get out and the engine was still running. Just a moment later several more men showed up and we helped the woman to get out and one guy got the hood open so we could kill the engine and unplug the battery.  I wish I could have done more but it ish ards to take command when you don’t speak the language, and everything turned out alright in the end anyway, damage to the car and some shock notwithstanding.

And now for the finishing  night time shot.


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