By the side of the road

I guess I’m stretching the land travel definition a bit, but I feel it will be worth it.

Yesterday me and Yini drove down to Erlin to see her parents and today, while driving back, we decided to take the express way rather than the highway. There were road works on one part of the road, which led us down to the normal roads, which was lucky. Just as I was about to turn back onto the expressway Yini pointed out an interesting house just off the road, so I took right, just before the on-ramp and parked by the roadside. Having a chance to look more closely, it turned out be he remains of an abandoned factory, so i immediatly set about exploring, camera in hand. Here are some results:


Hole int the outer wall


First courtyard


Main corridor


Broken wall upstairs


Going out on the roof/third floor


View on the roof


A lot of texture in this photo


My attempt at being artistic


Why are there so many holes in the wall


Another hole


Some nice reflections in the backcourtyard


Managed to balance this tire right in the puddle


Eerie looking hole in the wall

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