Ride to Tainan

A while back, me and Yini rode our motorbike from Tainan on the south west coast, round Taiwans south tip, then up along the east coast to Yilan in the north, I wrote about it here. We also made one trip from Taoyuan in the west, across the mountains to Yilan, then around the northern tip back to Taoyuan, see this post.

Though a bit further inland than those two trips, we have also been between Hsinchu and Taoyuan (both in the north west) several times, and a few weeks ago, we rode from Hsinchu to Erlin in central Taiwan, though still on the west side.

Few days ago, we embarked on the final strech need to complete the circle all around the Island. We shipped my motorbike by train to Changhua (a bit north of Relin) and rode it down to Huwei in Yunlin county, where we spent the night. Yesterday we continued south through the mountains, getting some spectacular views on the way, and reaching Tainan late in the evening. We have spent the day today exploring the city and tomorrow we will look around a bit more. I will have to leave the details to another post when I can provide you with some photos.

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