Big surprise on a small outing.

This weekend we are visiting Yinis parents. Normally that means staying in their house and playing with her nephews but this time Yini and I decided to go on a small outing instead.

We started by driving to Beigang and had a late lunch nearby the kind of famous Mazu temple there. After lunch we took a stroll through the temple are and the market there. There was a big pedestrian bridge spanning the nearby river and two huge temple guard statues at the bridgehead, which was pretty impressive, but nothing overwhelming.

The bridge

Yini taking a rest under part of an arch

Anders preferred to walk up on the arch

Yini doing her best to high-five one of the temple guards

We kept driving along, and on Yinis suggestion aimed for a special park in the area. It was a kind of Chinese garden belonging to a large temple, but unlike most other such gardens, which mostly contain rocks, trees and water, this was quite different. It was like bizarro world, full of strange and out of place statues and plenty of bright colors. The park was not that big, but the main path kept winding in and out of rock formations, statues of mythical creatures and the like. I should let the pictures speak for themselves.

statue of Guanyin, and some other figures I don’t recognize

Rainbow bridge

Cave full of small statues

Now that really is a dragon boat

Yes, that is a mythical horse creature in the background

They also had a T-rex or something like it

Green tunnel full of Yini monkeys

Back side of the mythical horse beast

Panorama of the entire garden

As you can see this place is pretty special, I was in a state of awe for the first half hour of walking around in it. By the time we came out it was nearing dinner time, so we made an end of our outing and went back.

Beautiful light in a temple tunnel.

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