The last day in Iceland

Today is our last whole day in Iceland, we leave early tomorrow morning. We drove out of Stykkisholmur in the rain but missed our turning point,  while looking for a suitable place to make a U-turn it cleared up a bit so we decided to make one last sightseeing stop on Snaefellness.


It was a quick stop so only one photo, apparently this mountain is becoming a bit of a symbol for Iceland, though I forgot the name.

From there we headed back, found the turning point this time and drove into Reykjavik. We checked in to our hotel, had some lobster soup for lunch then headed out towards the airport, though not to take a flight. Out by the airport is the famous Blue Lagoon, a hot spring bath similar to the one in lake Myvatn, but far more commercial and far more populated. It is oh so nice to have a long soak in the hot water when ending a trip like this.



From the waters outside the baths, can you believe that blue color?

Now it’s time to pack the last things, that’s it for this trip.


One last picture, us by the waters of the Blue Lagoon

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