Miao Li mountains

This weekend the wife and I decided to go for a mini vacation in Miao Li. We started right before lunch took my motorcycle and went south out of the city. Before long we were entering the mountains and drove along a winding road through lush green landscapes. The road was so perfect for a motorbike ride, I just kept going along and soon enough we reached our hotel.

After checking in we went out again to explore the mountains some more, stopping here and there when we found something interesting.

Our hotel is on an island in the river, this is the bridge.

we went down to the river to soak our fret in the rapid water.

The road had really been badly damaged at one point so we couldn’t go on

Yini had an interesting soup BBQ combo for dinner.

Trees can find some strange places to grow.
Sun beginning to set over the river.

A road with some pretty scary looking overhanging cliffs.

When it got dark there was not much point to explore more so we headed back to the hotel and ended the day by relaxing in hotel hot spring.



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