Photo post from southern Germany

For the last two months I have been on a business trip in southern Germany and Switzerland. I am finally back in taiwan and i felt i should make a small post about it. Naturally I spent most of the time working but i had some chances to go travel in the area during the weekends. The places i went to were mostly just small German or Swiss towns and there’s really not much to tell expect showing the photos.

View of the river in the small town of Bad Säckingen where I lived

The famous covered wooden bridge in Bad Säckingen

River island in the nearby town of Rheinfelden.

Walkingthe streets in the small city called Freiburg

View from a mountain in Freiburg

You would never guess this is a graveyard

The famous lion monument in Lucerne

Lucerne river view and water tower

Picturesque old town buildings

Boat ride on the Lucerne lake

My colleague kept taking pictures

The view out on the lake is pretty good

coming back in to town

Petting the donkeys in a Forrest amusement park

Summer sledding track

Summer sledding here we go

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