New Years travels

Taiwan’s government was nice enough to give us a nice long four day weekend to kick off the new year. Me and Renegade Wife spent new years day being lazy at home, which felt really good. The other three days we’ve been travelling around both here and there and had a pretty good time. We started with a trip up to Xiaowulai in the mountains, where there are plenty of waterfalls and suspension bridges.

P1000999 P1010004

view on the way up

P1010006 P1010009

First view of the waterfall

P1010021 P1010042

Smaller waterfall

P1010045 P1010085

The big waterfall from the top and bottom


One of many suspension bridges

We then drove down to Taizhong and spent Saturday exploring the city and took a look at the new opera house. We spent the night there and at lunch today we attended Yini’s cousins wedding banquet for lunch. On the way back to Hsinchu we stopped by the beach and watched the sunset.

P1010127 P1010129

Taizhong opera house

P1010132 P1010162

The opera house close by


Opera house from a distance

P1010199 P1010200 P1010206 P1010207

Guests at the banquet

P1010214 P1010230

The bride and groom


Yini running down the beach

P1010262 P1010271

Backlit by sunset

P1010312 P1010326

Closeups in sunset


Pier in sunset

P1010337 P1010342

Sunset and more sunset, this time in different colors

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