The big Indochina trip: from Dalat to the coast 

There are a few sights inside Daly city but the main draw is the surrounding nature. The general recommendation for seeing said nature is to join an easy rider motorcycle tour, but since I have my own bike I decided to combine the motorbike tour with the ride to my next stop for the night. Before setting off however, I went sightseeing in the city, starting with Hang Nga Crazy House. It’s a building with very unique architecture and while the architect still lives there you can walk around and explore it.

Photos of various angles of the Crazy House

Me in front of the house

As you probably can guess I loved it. For anyone going to Dalat, a visit to the Crazy House is a must. After that I made a quick stop at Bao Dai’s summer palace. I guess I expected more from a palace but it was kind of underwhelming, in my opinion you can skip it.

Done with sightseeing, I set out on the road towards Nha Trang. The scenery along the road is gorgeous but you really have to be there on the bike to get the full experience. Of course, I stopped a few times along the way to get some photos.

Various picture from the road between Dalat and Nha Trang 

Once I got closer to Nha Trang it started raining which kind of ruined the fun of riding for me. Eventually I made it down the mountain but I skipped Nha Trang. Instead I followed the coast northward to small beach town called Tuy Hoa. I did this for two reasons, one I wanted to get closer to Hoi an, two I heard from several people that Nha Trang is a bad place.It rained all the way and when I reached my hotel I was wet and tired. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

Today’s route

The rain let up for a while so I got this shot, soon after it started raining again.

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