The big Indochina trip: Vinh Moc tunnels and abandoned amusement park

Hue is very close to the old demilitarized zone do there are a few  military remnants in the area. The most interesting for me were the Vinh Moc tunnels, about 100 kilometers north of Hue, where an entire fishing village went under ground. On the way out, I happened upon a big communist monument of some kind. There wasn’t any information in English available but it looked cool with the big flag and everything. I will say though that the 40000 Dong entrance fee was a bit steep for a five minute visit.

The communist monument 

Compared to the Cu Chi Tunnels near Ho Chi Minh city, the ones at Vinh Moc are far less touristic and they let you walk around on your own to a large extent which is just to my liking.I made use of the opportunity, and my handy flashlight, to do a bit of exploring outside the standard tourist route. Just a little bit off the standard route mind you, I didn’t want to get lost down there. I absolutely loved it, I just wish I had a better chance to explore all the unlit tunnels and passages but I think that would require either a guide or a rope to follow back to the exit.

One of the lit tourist tunnels 

An unlit side passage 

Deeper inside the side passage 

Another part of the tourist tunnels 

Side tunnel leading out to the sea shore

The seaside entrance 

Some days before coming to Hue I read an article about some kind of abandoned amusement park I’m the city. I decided I might have to forgo visiting the imperial tombs in favour of that, so after seeing the tunnels I turned my bike around and headed to Thuy Tien lake. You can’t exactly call the place an amusement park, there went any rides, it was more like a built up park with some statues, a building shaped like a dragon and a small aquarium. It seems pretty well known, I met several local teenagers amd even a few tourists out there. Despite not being the only one exploring the place I really enjoyed it, it’s a very cool abandoned building. 

The front gate 

The Dragon building 

A swan boat on land

A strange looking car statue 

Getting closer

I think this might have been the reception 

Corridor lined with fake sea creatures 

Another part of the sea creature tunnel 

An aquarium tunnel

One of the smashed aquarium

Some kind of stage upstairs 

The kitchen 

The way up to the head of the Dragon


View from the dragon’s beard

View from  the mouth

Into the belly of the beast 

Sad looking statue

Some kind of stadium at the other side of the lake

They even had a flight simulator 

As it turns out I had some time left after exploring the amusement park,  so I was able to visit one imperial tomb. Of course I went to the most famous one, that of emperor Tu Duc. After seeing the Citadel yesterday I think I must have a bit too much imperial architecture because i was not overly impressed by the various temples. There was kind of a solemn feeling about the actual tomb though.

One of the temples 

A temple gate

Pavilion down by the canal

Entrance of the tomb

The tomb of Tu Duc 

That was all I had time for in one day. Tomorrow I continue north.

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