The big Indochina trip: island life in Koh Rong 

I haven’t seen the sea since leaving Cat ba island so when I read about white sand beaches in southern Cambodia I knew I had to go there. Thanks to a recommendation from some other travelers we set our sights on Koh Rong island. It took a full day to get there, first a bus to Sihanoukville then a speed boat ferry from there. The island is not very developed, save for the main boat pier, most of the hotels and restaurants are right on the beach. There is a kind of main area where the bars and restaurants are closer together and the backpackers congregate for beach, beer and  barbecue. Our bungalow was some way down the beach, where we could get away a bit from the night life. 

We spent two days just relaxing on the beach, snorkeling in the clear water and just enjoying ourselves. After a long period of either traveling or sightseeing pretty much every day it felt good to just relax and do nothing for a while. 

The porch of our bungalow 

Porch selfie

The view from the porch, sea view but still nice and shady 

The nearby beach

Beach selfie

Beach explorer 

I went snorkeling and saw lots of fishes, sea cucumbers and big sea urchins

Only few underwater photos because the phone doesn’t work well in salt water

They had a big air bag that you sit on and get launched into the air when another person jumps down on it (it’s me in the front)

Night view to finish the post

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