Spain – Part 2: Fresh air & Friends

My friend and her boyfriend have spent three months biking through Europe and are now in northern Africa. This is some proper Landtravel, more adventurous than any of my trips. Also very interesting to see how they go wild camping and sleep with hosts and friends so often, something I wish I had done more during my trip in south east Asia. Anyway, some very interesting post so far, so if you like my blog you should check this one out.

Bike-Backe-Packe Diem

We ended the last post with the cliff-hanger about what we would do after finding it difficult to hitchhike south from Valencia. It was about one week until our friend would meet us in Granada – how to best spend that week in Spain?

After discussing different options we decided to go to Madrid since we never had the chance to explore the Spanish capital before. To go to Madrid we had to return to Valencia and we were very lucky to be able to spend another great day with lovely Linnéa and her boyfriend Emil who had also arrived!

Komp01Emil and Linnéa in our favorit Valencian park.

Chapter 4: Madrid

We took the evening train to Madrid and walked through town right when Real Madrid won the Champion’s League final! People celebrated in the streets and almost all hotels were fully booked. The hotel we finally found, to a…

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