Buddha World part 3: the Last Castle

Last year we explored an old hotel in the abandoned amusement park temple (which I later found out is called Buddha World). When we went there we thought the hotel was the last unexplored building, but we spotted another castle-like structure out in the jungle. That time we weren’t able to go explore it so I had to make do with a couple of pictures taken from a distance.  This weekend we’ve finally taken the time to come back so I could take a closer look.

Yini didn’t feel like going into the building so I left her in the main temple square and started walking towards my destination. After about ten minutes I reached a point where I could glimpse the building through the thick foliage.


Catching a glimpse of the castle

Despite a lot of the buildings being abandoned the road is in pretty good condition. Not the access road to the last castle though, it is completely overgrown.


It’s almost impossible to tell, but this is the road. 

I was prepared for this so I started making my way through the vegetation and soon enough I came to the entrance.


The entrance

I entered the building and started exploring. I quickly realized that this building was never finished, a lot of the walls were just unpainted bricks and the floors raw concrete, and not a single stick of furniture inside. My guess is that the park became abandoned while construction was still going on. The place was also remarkably light and airy with big open windows letting in the sun light. This made it far less creepy than the hotel we explored last time. The only thing that was scary was the bats living inside. Most of the rooms inside were more or less the same, so my guess is that this was also meant to be a hotel or perhaps dormitory.


The lobby(?)


The first of many rooms


The stairs are perhaps slightly creepy


I’m not sure why the floor is covered in bricks


One of the only things inside the place is this old oil drum


Another room


This room is bigger, probably meant for a family


I found a small plant growing here, surprisingly not a lot of them


Long corridor, look how nice and bright it is inside


Another room, they all have their charm


On one of the top floors the ground was covered in damp earth with lots of little plants growing in it.


One of the top floor rooms, a roof terrace to the right


Nice view through the window


View towards the terrace


The little plants growing on the floor


I found another plant growing in a pile of bricks


The stairs to the roof, the opening is partly overgrown


A glimpse of the hotel we explored last time


The tower on top of the roof

Once I had explored this unfinished hotel, I checked out the surroundings a bit. Just around the corner was an old suspension bridge. The bridge itself is gone but the pillars remain.


Suspension bridge pillars

Further down the road I had expected to see the supports for the water slide that we saw last time. They were indeed there, what I hadn’t expected was the little children’s pool just next to it. I always think that colorful children’s playthings that become abandoned are extra fascinating, so that was a nice surprise.


The bottom of the waterslide


Entering the children’s pool area


Elephant slide


Tiny bridge to a tiny island


Overgrown giraffe slide


One last view of the children’s pool

I was pretty sure that was it but the road continued downwards so I followed it. Down at the bottom was a red and white striped structure of some kind but there was a car parked nearby so I didn’t dare explore further in case it was private. Instead I headed up again. Naturally I couldn’t stop myself from passing by the old hotel on the way up and snapping a few photos.


This little pond with a Guanying statue is down by the area I believe to be private


The hotel castle from last time


Another of the two castles we saw last time


Looking down at the castle from above

That was it for our final visit to Buddha World.  I think the place is really cool with lots of fascinating abandoned buildings. What’s good about it is that you don’t have to be some kind of urban exploration aficionado to enjoy it, I think the upper parts with the King Kong statue and the main castle can be interesting for normal people too. If you’re interested in that, check out my first post from the place. If you want to visit Buddha World yourself you can find it here. Note that the opening times are rather limited, they only open for the public on saturday and sunday 9 am to 3 pm. Check out their website for more info.

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